The following is a list of organizations that frequently post or share vacancies. If you notice that a link is not working please let me know; I'll update frequently. List suggestions are always welcome. You can email them to phindmesherlock at gmail dot com
Organizations A-Z:

AcademicKeys [Storr, Connecticut, USA]
Job search site specializing in academic jobs, and sharing faculty, educational resources, research interests, and professional activities pertinent to institutions of higher education. Tweets jobs daily. 

Academic Transfer [various, the Netherlands]
A Dutch academic career website for various disciplines. Many Dutch universities post positions in English and Dutch (nederlands). Active Twitter feed. 

American Public Health Association [Washington DC, USA]
Jobs, fellowships, and conference annoucements for jobs within the US and abroad. 

American Society for Nutrition [Bethesda, MD, USA]
If highlighted text doesn't work go to and click the icon for job seekers. Search without terms to retrieve listing of all jobs. The individual job postings contain ways to share to social media.

Centers for Disease Control [Atlanta, GA, USA] 
Major US and global site for public health. Employment listings are updated frequently; CDC maintains several listservs; and uses social media to share information.

Clinton Foundation [Harlem, NY, USA]
Career site for the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, Clinton Health Access Initiative, and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation

EMGO+ Institute for Health and Care Research [Amsterdam, The Netherlands] 
Interfaculty research institutes of the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam and the VU University Amsterdam; they conduct research in primary care, public health, chronic diseases, and aging. EMGO+ updates job vacancies regularly info in both Dutch and English.

Emory School of Public Health Employment Connections [Atlanta, GA, USA]
Regularly updated public health jobs including postings for nutrition, maternal and child health, epidemiology, biostats, research and medicine. Very good site. 

Euraxess [Various, Europe]
EU jobs research, science, engineering, broad; nutrition search retrieved numerous results.

EuroHealthNet [Brussels, Belgium] 
Occasional public health nutrition related jobs, more EU public health focus. Regularly maintained and uses social media (FB, RSS, Twitter) to share information.

European Food Information Council [Brussels, Belgium]
Independent European food and nutrition info source. Vacancies are posted online as they become available; site uses social media (FB, RSS).
European Public Health Alliance [Brussels, Belgium]
European sector news, job postings, and RSS. 

EuroScienceJobs [Brussels, Belgium]
A Brussels-based website that advertises science, research, public health, engineering, comp sci, and other jobs in public and private sectors throughout Europe and UK. Regularly maintained and utilizes social media technologies (FB, e-mail, RSS) to share information.

Food Research and Action Center [Washington, DC, USA]
FRAC, how did I miss adding you to this list? An American non-profit working as a food and nutrition advocacy organization, tackling hunger and malnutrition in the states. Oh, I hope our paths may cross one day. E-pubs on hunger and nutrition; active social media.   

Glass Door [online, everywhere]
Search for a job position or organization and find out from real reviewers about job culture, salary, and benefits. 
Indeed [online, everywhere]
Indeed has a very easy user interface where you can search key words in any location. Indeed allows you to sign up for email alerts for job advertisements. If you enable cookies on your browser, it will remember your searches and you can click on the searches. I remain impressed. 

Institute for Tropical Medicine [Antwerp, Belgium]
Public health, research, medical, and science jobs are regularly updated; job vacancy page includes internal and external postings in Dutch, English, or French.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health [Baltimore, MD, USA] 
Useful career planner (pdf) on writing cover letters, resumes/CV, and career planning; current job postings are likely only available to current students/alumni.

National Institutes of Health [Bethesda, MD, USA] 
Public health, medical, scientific postings; postings often take you to the federal government job website. Postings are regularly updated, and utilize social media for sharing/following.

Nature [Various] 
All science jobs, global focus, research, academia.

Nutrition Jobs
Mostly clinical nutrition jobs in the US. Some research jobs. Lots of tips and advice for new RDs. 

Prevention Institute [Oakland, CA, USA]
PI serves as a focal point for primary prevention practice. They promote policies, organizational practices, and share collaborative efforts that improve health and quality of life. Jobs and internships are updated regularly; social media: FB, Twitter, Youtube, Huffpost.

Jobs related to public health nutrition, epidemiology, maternal and child health, biostats, medicine. 

Rescue Social Change Group [San Diego, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Albuquerque, NM, Alexandria, VA, USA]
Social media for positive population-level social change; work in tobacco prevention, and are moving into food policy and obesity prevention. Use all types of social media.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation [Princeton, NJ, USA]
RWJF is a foundation that supports numerous public health initiatives through leadership, funding, policy support. All around awesome organization. Uses all types of social media. 

Click "go" under "search for open positions." In addition, keyword search retrieval is very good. Applicants must apply using an internal system, this is easy to use and saves docs so you can apply to multiple positions. 

The Nutrition Society 
Job postings for UK, Ireland, and Australia. Jobs in academia, research, calls for consultations, phd's, corporations/private for profits. Intuitive RSS. 

UC Berkeley School of Public Health Career website [Berkeley, CA, USA]

UNC Chapel Hill Research at Carolina [Chapel Hill, NC, USA]
Keyword search for post-doc position, numerous fields; search on all open positions to generate entire list of open postdocs.  

UNC Gillings Global School of Public Health Listing of jobs [Chapel Hill, NC, USA]
Organizations and list of sites with snippets on usability.  

Job listings in Washington state, across the US, and abroad.  

UN website for global food and nutrition policy; relevant jobs are under announcements. This site maintains call for papers/abstracts, conferences, proceedings. They have various e-groups which one can subscribe to join; they are active and generate good discussion. 

USA Jobs [Various, US and global]
The United States federal and state job site; RSS feeds for specific searches; uses social media including FB, Twitter, Youtube. 

USDA Professional and Career Resources 
United States Dept. of Ag food and nutrition information listing on list-serves, resources, and  blogs

World Health Organization [Geneva, Switzerland]
Vacancies updated regularly, WHO maintains their own separate job database in which prospective applicants must fill out and maintain their own profiles. The system is time-consuming, but once completed is easy to use to apply to multiple jobs within WHO; They have a horrible snail's pace at getting back to candidates. 
Y = Young, refers to young and emerging public health nutrition professionals; the YPHN Google group emails a few times per month; blog (unfortunately) stopped being updated May 2010.